Friday, November 7, 2008

Fairy Tales

This is not written by me, but it is so beautiful, that I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's by my friend Zhi Hui, thanks Zhi Hui, hope you don't mind. xxx

Twinkelina the Stargirl

Once upon a time on the other side of the universe, there was a beautiful star, home to a little stargirl named Twinkelina. Twinkelina was a star fairy, she lived alone on her star, but she knew no emotion for loneliness, Twinkelina was happy. Each and every day she left her star and travelled to the nearest moon to carefully collect some moondust. When she returned to her star at night, Twinkelina mixed her moondust with some starmilk and drank it all up. Slowly, as she consumed all the moondust she had collected throughout the day, she began to grow luminous. First her soft hair began to sparkle, then her skin took on a soft glow. By the time her moondust was finished her whole being shone brightly, helping to light up the sky. Twinkelina said a prayer to her moon, which the all local stars worshipped, and she fell asleep, her star slowly orbiting.

When Twinkelina woke up, something was wrong. Her star was travelling faster than it had ever been before and it was no longer orbiting her precious, worshipped moon. Twinkelina did not panic, starpeople have no emotional capacity for negativity. She could have been scared about where she was going or sad that she had left her beautiful moon behind, but instead she was excited about the possibilities of where she could be heading.

Twinkelina and her star fell down, down, down through the sky. It seemed like they had been falling for days already when a strange blue planet came into view.  The star sped faster and faster towards it until eventually they hurtled into a field.

Twinkelina was thrown from her star, tumbling across the grass. She sat up, and caught sight of her little star in the distance. She crept slwoly towards her ruined star. Its 5 perfect, pointed edges and been torn off as it collided with the earth, it had been mangled and destroyed. Twinkelina felt a tear roll down her face. She was confused at where this water splashing down her face had come from, and why it made her feel so bad. She cried and cried and cried until all her tears were dried up. Twinkelina collapsed in the grass, and slept until the morning came.

            For 5 days after her arrival on Earth, Twinkelina went looking for another moon, or another star that could make her feel alive and happy again. With each day she grew more and more depressed without her moondust. It was the first time in her life she had ever felt sad, and she cried for hours on end, longing to be back on her star, hanging delicatley in the sky. Each night, as the moon rose, her sadness eased a little, and she slept peacefully. But by the 5th night, Twinkelina understood that she could only ever be happy if she were on her star, drinking her moondust starmilk. In this strange new world she had landed in, she could not go on any longer.

 She lay in the grass, gazing at the full moon that was rising above her. Soon, her hair began to sparkle. Her skin grew luminous, and her eyes shone. She was glowing again, her body bursting with happiness. As she took her last breath, stardust flew from her body, in all different directions, making for thestars and the sky. Twinkelina’s lifeless body shone forone whole night. As Twinkelina layed lifeless on earth, the star particles of her body sped towards the sky, slowly regrouping. When morning came Twinkelina’s glowing light went out, and somewhere, on the other side of the universe, a new stargirl was born.