Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hiya guys,
Camp was really extremely FUN! I will post photos when they are uploaded onto my computer. 

The highlights included:
*Horse riding
*Making and cooking dinner near and on a steam of cool clean water
*Swimming @ the pool
*Watching Juno (love this movie!!!)
*The practical jokes =P
*Seeing so many butterflies
*Being with my friends
*Being rebellious and graffitiing 
*Writing  a song entitled "I'm Gonna Sleep In A Bed Tonight"!
*Singing along to music of all sorts on the bus rides

Above is a photo of my friend JuJu, it looks photoshopped but just BELIEVE it's true...! 

Also, these are two lovely ladies who inspire me, both by their wicked fashion sense and their confidence levels! You go girls!