Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey wood elfs and sky fairies,
Last night's dance performance went really well. I had heaps of fun dancing and making myself look pretty before hand =P 

My friend who is known for blog sakes as Blue-Mascara got 2 notes slipped under the girls change room door saying "I love Blue-Mascara". I thought it was sweet but poor Blue-Mascara didn't like the idea of going out with "Monkey Man!"

Tomorrow I'm heading of a fantastic and slightly scary journal across a state by train and bus to visit and stay for 3 weeks with my grandparents.
My house is here:
A HOUSE ========> ANOTHER HOUSE (just across the road)
this is occupied by:                                     occupied by:
grandparents                                                grandma
dad, me, bro                                                    aunt
2 cousins                                                       uncle & aunt
uncle aunt                                                      2 cousins
                                         about 4 friends at any given time

From, this we can conclude that this holiday is most fun with heaps of across-the-road-dinners, all-day-beach-trips (yes we live 2 mins from the beach), oyster-eating, facial-making, sleep-overs, chatting, mega-long-games-of-beach-cricket, watching-desperate-house-wives! and general glow-stick-fun.

I'm a new this strange world...hoping I could learn a bit about what to give & take...

Have a great holiday guys, I will miss you a lot, and I will update hopefully soon(ish). 

I hate goodbyes...Erimentha