Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry christmas everyone! I hope you had a great day! xxx

My highlight for these holidays have including (not in order):
1. Seeing a beautiful and amazing double rainbow
2. Swimming after a thunder storm
3. Singing "The Summer Song" by Josh Pyke
4. Watching countless episodes of Skins. I love love love love that show!!!
5. My soul dancing prince saying yes when I asked him out =P
6. Swimming
7. My family and spending so much time with them, especially my cousin Claire, and my favourite aunty Megs.
8. Christmas day!
9. Xmas glow-stick party on the beach!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO
10. Trampoline

And also, here is a list of things about Hagrid that I miss, read carefully you'll pick up some of the traits in your other friends as well:
1. Her complete non-judgmental attitude.
2. Her forgiveness (she simply CANNOT hold grudges)
3. Her laugh
4. Her understanding
5. Her helpful maths explanations
6. Her book chats
7. Her love
8. Awesome clothing sense
9. Dreams
10. Her completely infectious positive attitude!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas, I certainly did, and I wanted to thank Kahlilla Blyss for making every day @ my holiday house "loveful" and full of happiness.