Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi hi,
Today I went busking with my two friends TunaFish and Michael, and my sax teacher "Neesh". It was really fun (we got an "standing ovation" from ten little kids under 4!!) and we ended up making $50. Michael decided that we should give some to charity so we are giving $20 to Oxfam and splitting the rest.

Now I need to decide what I will spend my hard worked money on :) 
List of things that are pretty and I could spend it on: 
* A nib pen
* A book that I can't put down
* A dress that makes me feel uttely alive (got that on the weekend yay!)
* Captured Happiness
* A amazing set of envelopes and cards that are so beautiful I never want to write on them
* A cool pillow
* A rainbow ribbon
* Pretty nail polish (see called Billie, Claudia, Scarlett or Josephine. Daisy is cute :P 
* A new canvas
* A memory viewer (like in Harry Potter called a Pensive)
* A subscription to a really good magazine with lots of potential cut-outs 
* A really cool holiday
* Some chocolate
* A fairy called Violet
* A Fink CD
* And finally…a bow that STAYS in my hair! (preferably red)

And all this with the mere $15! Arn't you impressed? 

Pic not loading atm, will fix later after I take Yoko (doggy) on a walk xo