Monday, December 1, 2008

With Hagrid

Today I have made a list of all the things I am looking for in a guy (my perfect man). Okay, okay, it IS a joke, but it's funny.
My list:
  1. Must cook and clean (because I can't)
  2. Must appriciate ribbon
  3. Must have a low voice (preferably a baritone)
  4. Have green eyes
  5. Must be able to have philosophical conversations
  6. Must like books
  7. Must like swimming
  8. Should like the dancing that I like
  9. Not be superfical but think I'm beautiful
  10. Taller than me, but not past 6 foot
  11. Good sense of humour
  12. Understands me (or pretends to)
  13. Not cocky
  14. Beautiful SOUL

Hopefully I am well on my way to finding this lovely guy.

I know about 4 people who fit the criteria.

My other list for today is a list of the best feelings in the world.

  1. Love
  2. Sticking your head out of the window of a car and going 80 ks
  3. Drinking lemonade in the shower
  4. Running on the oval with your best friend after they haven't run in 3 years
  5. Laughing so hard that your stomach and back hurts
  6. Playing music in a really really big band
  7. Twirling in the rain
  8. Waking up from the best dream ever
  9. Swimming in the rain with glowsticks
  10. Getting your braces off
  11. Flying
  12. Buying lots of clothes, for cheap
  13. Last day of school
  14. Climbing on the roof to watch the stars
  15. Realising that someone understands you perfectly (awwww)

Lots of love,

Erimentha & Hagrid :)