Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love Story

Hello everyone!
Sorry about the break in between blogs. I've been pretty busy collecting pieces of fabric in the story of my life. really I've just been having heaps of fun and loving every minute...♥ 

Right now I want to have my very own beautiful love story like Taylor Swift's song "Love Story"

And I also want someone to make me Real like in the Velveteen Rabbit (it's a book). A couple of people have made me Real, but maybe my soul dancing prince could also help with that process...=P

Anyway sorry I am in a silly teen romance mood.
And I keep wondering:

What the hell is love? 

Okay, have a lovely 50 degree day (in Melbourne anyway),
Erimentha xx

p.s. The photo of the beautiful and bright double rainbow Clarice Bean and I saw isn't loading. Many sorrys. 

p.p.s. sorry to Felicity about losing your precious cat, please know that I am wishing on many bright stars for you tonight (