Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello everyone,
As you probably know the people of Melbourne are having a terrible time at the moment with the bush-fires. The temperature was 46.5 degrees of Saturday--the hottest on record! It's so sad that more than 100 people have died and so so many have lost their houses.
I send all my love and light out of those people, and also thank Clarice Bean for sending me this photo, taken on Sunday at the height of the bushfire near where she lives. Smokey rainbow...

With hope,
Erimentha xx

p.s. The comments someone has been making on this post has made me really sad. I am sorry if I offended anyone and I am so sorry that your family have passed away. I know this won't ease your pain, but I am really sorry and the bush fires are not a joke to me in the slightest.