Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clarice Bean

Hello everyone,
My tuesday is being filled up quickly with many things to do. Remind me to slow down when my calender allows me...I am on a thin line between being too busy, and being busy enough and "seizing life" which is my aim. Anyway, today's inspirations are only coming from other people. My gorgeous friends and family who ARE my inspirations.

Today's words of wisdom from (as a lot of the time) Zhi Hui:

“ I would rather be ashes than dust

I would rather my spark burn out in a brilliant blaze then be stifled by dry rot

I would rather be a meteor every atom of me in magnificent glow then a sleepy and permanent planet

The proper function of a man is to live not to exist

I will not waste my days trying to prolong them

I will use my time ”
--Jack London

Also, please visit my cousin Clarice Bean's site. She is a brilliant photographer dispite my grandpa saying its not a good enough career.

Much love,
Erimentha xxx

p.s. pic by Clarice Bean today.
p.p.s. hero, Cassie: