Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been thinking for a while that you have to be a certain type of person to think people would want to read your crap.

FUCK it. 

I've also been thinking I want to be a rebel. I want my motto's to be:
I know this is lame. Me asking for top rebel days...but if people can be bothered telling me what would be their top SCREW THE SYSTEM DAY I would highly enjoy it.

Mine would be:
Skip school with my bffls (definately Zhi Hui) and head to my boyfriends house (near to beach) and spend a day there. Then come home and watch Skins marathon. Parents suspect nothing and (this would never happen) agree that Zhi Hui can sleep over on a school night. The next day we go "off to school", only to go to a cafe and eat the most delicious breakfast and cupcakes. Then we head to the city, catch a movie, wonder home, have a picnic on the trampoline and collapse in bed so happy and blyssful that can't sleep and spend the rest of the night talking about dreams...and hope and happy bees. 


Life is beautiful and short. So FUCK IT! just because you can....

xxx Erimentha
p.s. sorry to for the language
p.p.s. I love: and I know you will too!