Sunday, March 29, 2009

6 Inspirations for April (posted early...couldn't wait)

1. Blair from Gossip Girl (

2. Emily Browning (, and

3. CanTeen girls! (
Right now my Zhi Hui is on a CanTeen camp, CanTeen is a fantastic organization for young people living with cancer which allows them to go on camps and meet friends and people with similar experiences as them.

Go CanTeenians!

4. A week ago I saw a really cool article in The Age about the raising number of African models in Australia. I love this picture, the girls skin looks so beautiful against the bright colours of the dresses. Beautiful!! ♥ (The Age, newspaper, sorry for the shitty scanning,double click on image to inlarge)

5. Regina Spektor. Oh wow. (

6. Ballet dancers (

Hope you guys have a good weekend. I'm going shopping with Mars, Hagrid and Tuna Fish today. For a shaggable outfit for Zhi Hui's party.

xx Love, Erimentha

p.s. 我爱你。