Sunday, March 15, 2009


How are you my lovelys?

Here are some cool photos from:

I like how confidant the models look, and how
beautiful the backgrounds are: like the perfect day kind of feel.

I also like the drawings from: and this one reminds me of me:

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately, I have been pretty busy and tired. But I'm alright now, and I think I've got everything sorted out. Which is blyssful.

I feel like doing a quiz now. Or getting a hair cut. Or making a list.

A list of things you can't see:
*A wish leaving your heart
*Your parents when they first met
*A star up close
*The pathway that tears make when they go down someone's face (sometimes you can, sometimes you can't)
*Colours that aren't colours and are not made up of the primary colours (like trying to picture a colour that you've never seen before)
*How much someone loves you

Things they don't teach you at school:
*What the fuck life means
*How to snog
*How to tie your shoes
*How to write songs
*What love feels like
*How to sew someone's name onto all your clothes
*How to chuck a really super good tantrum.
*How to do a backflip
*How to never forget

Listening to Adele & thinking I should do a leeeeetle homework.

Much love,
Erimentha xx

p.s. Hagrid is a hottie. ♥