Wednesday, March 11, 2009

glitter girls...

nobody ever said it was going to be easy. its just life. and whether we like it or not. we're here. we're living and breathing and we're here and it's here
and somehow. even though every moment seems to be impossible
somehow we have to prove it wrong
prove that it's not.

thanks clarice bean.

"She followed slowly, taking a long time, as though there were some obstacle in the way; and yet: as though, once it was overcome, she would be beyong all walking, and would fly."

but if we wanna get through it. we cant try and make sense of it
because that will never work
we can only accept it. let ourselves fall. and have faith someone we love will be waiting to catch us
you've caught me a lot...

thank you to clarice bean. all words from her. all pics from, zhi hui and clarice bean.

lots and lots of love,
erimentha xx
{collector of thoughts}