Monday, March 9, 2009

homework offically sucks

So stylish.

So fucking sick of homework.

So in love with your thoughts.

So in need of a robot to do my homework

So angry at organization.

So hating everything. GAH GAH GAH GAH.

My english essay. On "My World"
Friendship .Love. Peace. Collages. War. Dance. Gymnastics. Family. Puppies. Clare Bowditch & the Feeding Set. Saxophone. Da Wei. Recorder. Stories. Memories. Books. Moments. Happiness. Spontaneous actions. Bombs. Politics. Parties. Glow Sticks. Michael. Maggie. Rainbows. Swimming. The Beach. Mandarin. Poetry. Heartbreak. Listening. Venting. Chatting. Laughter. Little Kids. Romance. Tam. Brothers. Spensley St. Teachers. Soul-Dancing. Olivia Grace (Livi). Lucy. High School. Music. Homework. Death. Poverty. Disease. Camping Out. TV Shows. Band. Soul Dancing Prince. Sun Sets. Concerts. Tim-Tam. Present Moons. Badminton. Babies. Eyes. Angels. Butterflies. Daemons. Ribbons. Letters. Curiosity. Inquisitiveness. Smart. Kindness. Gemm-Stone. Yoko. Zhi Hui. Clay. Boyfriends. Nuttha. Showers. Lex Lex. Other Cultures. Exploration. Travelling. Planes. Hagrid. Curly Hair. Warm Bags. Sunny Days. Sleeping-In. Hot Chocolate. Mobile Phones. Internet. Hanging Out. Models. Agyness Deyn. Inspirations. Quotes. Saying. Thoughts. Philosophy. Animals. Life. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. Late Nights. Movies. The City. Dates. Milkshakes. Rosita. Skins. Best Friends. Missions. Jarrah. Fink. Taylor Swift. Global Warming. Bush Fires. Tuna. Third-World Country. Angus & Julia Stone. Kahlilla Blyss. Dylan Hartung. The Cat Empire. Moonshine. Camille. Blog. Emma Tonkin. Maddie. Cute Things. Cupcakes. Blossom. Dots. Clothes. Dresses. Glasses. Loveful. Colours. Rainbows. Art. Drawing. Oysters. Mexican. Thai Food. Kate Nash. Nikki. Sunflowers. Chinese Food. China. Saturday. Weekends. Relaxation. Japanese Maples. Gardening. Cherry Blossoms. Claire-Bear. Paper Cranes. Book; How To Live Forever. Harry Potter. Finding Grace. Flowers. Diamonds. Secrets. Dreams. Faith. Religion. God. Question. Wonderings. Computers. iPods. Dalmeny. Cancer. Birthdays. Holidays. Bitching. Roses. Recordica. Relationships. Facials. MSN. Diaries. Jackie-Fairy. Licking Icing. Old Friends. Puzzles. Writing. Healing. Maths. English. The Cat Empire. History. Language. People. Interesting Old Facts. Raindrops. Clouds. Buffy. Birds. Grandparents. Wisdom. Freedom. Youth. Naivety. Home. Face. Cartwheels. Gymnastics. Missing. Grief. Magdalena. Soul. Sleep. Cats. Smiles. Knowledge. Humour. Funny. Chunky Move. Skinny Jeans. Cute Flats. Lily Allen. Money. Consumer. Caves. Harry Potter. Morals. Stories. Reminders. Lists. Boys. Girls. Thunderstorms. Wetness. Socks. Shopping. Bags. Pizza. Lebanese Sweets. Winner. Mottos. Nation. Aboriginal. Tamarins.

Sorry if I'm in a shitty mood and you can't be bothered reading the above 650 words. =P

Lots of love,
Erimentha xx
p.s. I heart Citizen Cope (band!)