Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I don't want to be a cookie cutter girl

Today is Cupcake Tuesday!

The actors/actresses who are playing my friends in the movie of my life.

Tuna = Lucy Liu

He picked...Brad Pitt

Michael & I picked...Eric Banner

Hagrid=Angelina Jolie

Michael=adrian grenier

Mars=Anna Hathaway

Zhi Hui=Lily Cole

Da Wei=Skandar Keynes

Nikki=the lady from my big fat greek wedding...Toula Portokalos

????? Any suggestions?

My little bro=Freddie Highmore

Anyway, must go, but a lovely pic to send you away....hmmm cute but not lovely...oh well I'm tired. So beddy-byes from me.


p.s. Melbourne weather is really bad atm. :(