Friday, March 20, 2009

this is my 99th post

The cutest monkey in the world. The Tamarin!

A list of everyday heros:
*Bus drivers
*Cafe workers
*T-skirt makers
*The people that answer your problems online
*Tele-markers (its not their fault they have a shitty job!)

A list of crazy careers that I somehow aspire to, but could never do:
*Be a model
*Be a bus driver
*Be a shark tamer
*A doctor/nurse
*A teacher
*Go/teach at a sports collage with 6 periods a day of sport.
*An inspirational speaker
*A clown
*Be a writer for a cool magazine like Frankie or Oyster
*Horse rider
*Professional swimmer/gymnast
*Fluent french spy

Have a peaceful and fun weekend.

--Erimentha xx