Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fairy Awards and Cupcake Tuesdays

Hello all,
I spent today making my school seem like a great place to go to. And being amazed at the simplicity of beautiful friends.

I have won a unique award from Felicity ( Thanks Felicity for starting this award, I'm honored to be one of your first prize winners! YAY!

The rules:
Answer these questions:

What inspires you?
--kind people
--avon garde models
--little kids who wear their grandma's old jewelry
--people who smell nice
--my nanny

How do you define beauty?
--brave little children

Who do you know who you think has the most wisdom?
--my friend jackie-fairy
--my lovely sis clarice bean
and my lovely bus driver Mike

Who is the most kindest?
--all my beautiful friends from school
--my friend livi
--and chelsea from music camp =)

If you were a fairy, what kind of fairy would you be?
--i would be a wish granting, soul dancing, hip-hopping, silly singing, pogo jumping, horse riding, hope inspiring, joyful friend, happy glitter girl, and i would wear everything that didn't match.

and i pass the award onto...

*clair de lune @....
*rose coloured rain @....

have a lovely day/night!


p.s. thanks to rose coloured rain who the first 2 pics might seem familiar...=P thank you!