Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every so often, life gives us one of those little signs. You know the ones? When everything kind of falls into place, a little miracle that just makes your day.

I strongly believe in miracles. Not the God ones, although maybe God might have a little to do with it I don't know, more the ones that just make you realize that the universe might have a little compassion and wisdom in it after all. They really make my day.

Today I found a really amazing blog called: by a women named Carly who has three children Scarlet, River and Christian (born sleeping, as Carly eloquently puts it). Everyday Carly writes children's name that have died (by request) and takes a photo of it. You can pick if you want sunrise or sunset and a little message to go along with the photo. It is now her full time job and she has published 4195 photos of names and has many requests waiting. I have two sibilings named Hope and Adam who were both born sleeping, and I think it's a loverly idea to write their names in the sand. If Carly wasn't already so snowed over with requests I'd ask her to write Hope and Adam too.

Here's a sample...hope you don't mind Carly.

♥ Emma, 23 April 2004

Hope you have a very lovely day. Carpe diem!