Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More about me

Thanks to everyone who responded to my Lily Allen post. The comments are appreciated and I will begin to A) write more about me B) smile more C) include some of my own work!

Maybe a very long quiz? How bout it?
Name :  Erimentha
Nick Name :  Ella-Dee, Ella, Elouise,
Birthdate :  20th of July
Birthplace:  Melbourne. Australia
Current Location:  Melbourne. Australia
Eye Color:  Hazel
Hair Color:  Black
Piercings:  Ears
Tatoos:  Yep. A black heart. Ankle.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  Nope
Overused Phrase:  Fuck it.
Food:  Thai...mmmm
Pub/Disc/Restaurant:  Chinese in Carlton.
Candy:  Rock candy
Number:  11
Color:  Red. Green. Grey. Pink
Animal:  Butterfly
Drink:  Cinnamon hot chocolate
TV Show:  Skins. Gossip Girl. Buffy. Life On Mars. Spooks
Movie:  =) Love them
Actor/Actress:  Agyness Deyn (haha she is a model), 
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:  Pepsi.
McDonalds or Subway:  Subway!!!
Chocolate or Vanilla  Chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:  Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug:  Hug
Summer or Winter:  Summer. I love my Glitter Girl.
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:  Funny Movies
Love or Money:  Love. How shallow do you think I am?
Bedtime:  10.00
Most Missed Memory:  Lots
Best phyiscal feature:  Dunno...eyes...sometimes hair
First Thought Waking Up:  I fucking hate school. Why don't I have the guts to wag?
Best Friends:  Fine. Fine. I'll list them. Zhi Hui, Elouise, Mars, Magrid, Da Wei, Lex Lex, Nicoletta, Tuna-Fish, Clarice Bean, Magsy, Livi ♥
Longest relationship:  Mum & Dad
Ever been beaten up:  Yes. Glow stick fight at music camp. Kicked in the head =P
Ever beaten someone up:  Nope.
Ever Shoplifted:  Umm...no
Ever Skinny Dipped:  Totally.
Favourite word:  Fearless
Least favourite thing to do:  NAPLAN tests.
Favourite smell atm:  Lovely perfume.
Favourite subject @ school:  English
Favourite quote?:  "No one breaks my heart"--Effy
Who do you admire the style of:  Lots of people. Friends. Avon garde models. People walking on the street.
Craving anything lately?:  Cupcakes!
What country do you want to Visit:  England
How do you want to Die:  Peacefully
Been to the Mall Lately:  Yep. Northies. And Melbourne Central.
Get along with your Parents:  Yep =)
Health Freak:  Nope.
Do you have lots of crazy dreams in life?:  A ton.
Believe in Yourself:  Mostly.
Want to go to College:  Yeah
Do you Smoke:  No
Do you Drink:  No
Shower Daily:  Yes.
Been in Love:  If I knew what the fuck love is, then probably. haha.
Do you Sing:  Yes. Always.
Want to get Married:  It's very expensive!
Do you want Children:  Yes.
Do you want to live overseas:  Probably not. I couldn't stand being away for that long without my family and friends.
Hate anyone:  No. I wish I could. hehe

Well I cannot believe you just read that whole thing. 
A quote from Skins.
"Pandora: Wow. we're gonna have a whizzer time at this college aint we Eff? I'm definitely going to have surf and turf, asap. Mum says boy s only want one thing, so my plan is to give it to them lots of times, get good at it, be really popular, and maybe my toes will stop throbbing."

An Effy & Freddie Quote.
F: We'd be good together don't cha think?
E: No
F: Why not?
E: Cuz I'd break your heart
F: What if I broke yours first?
E: No one breaks my heart. Anyway, why would I want that?

collector of thoughts

p.s. no photos are loading today. stupid computer. think cute birthday cards and effie and freddie moments. =)