Thursday, May 28, 2009

T-shirts, exams and golden gaytime girls

Hello guys,
Thanks for everyone who responded to my previous post =) 

Yesterday I had my exams (english and maths). I think I did okay, it's kind of hard to tell but at least I felt confidant in maths, and although the topic of my english essay was changed which confused me for a bit, I think I did okay too. 
Sometimes, I like the feeling of sitting at your little exam desk, concentrating and not being expected to socialize (haha otherwise you fail). And all you have to do for an hour and a half is just do the exam. It's kind of meditative. If your not vomiting from nerves that is.

Afterwards I went swimming with Zhi Hui. It was a really pretty time of the day, we were swimming into the sunset and on the other side of the sky was a present moon! It was so beautiful! And afterwards we got our Golden Gaytime!!!! The highlight of the day. 

Today I'm going to see Samson & Delilah with my Pappa Bear. Wondering, what's YOUR favourite weekend activities? Replies through the cups of chai would be appreciated. I might try and do all of the suggested and fill up my weekends with so much fun my socks will explode and my eyes will change colour to a sky blue.

Some cool t-shirts from Word Boner.
This one is hot pink and says "expect the best, be prepared for the worst, fuck what others think and do your own thing"

This one comes in like 10 other colours, but I like the vibrancy of the red. It says, simply, "TAKE RISKS".

Listening to...
*Between Two Lungs-Florence & The Machine
*Do You Wanna-The Kooks
*The Gap-The Kooks
*Mango Tree-Angus and Julia Stone
*My little brother playing his school musical songs...over and over and over again! 

--Erimentha ♥