Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello girlies...♥

Today was really a very loveful day. My grandparents came over and Mum brought me new leather shoes (will show you them sometime). I did a lot of scrapbooking...which I will also show you.

Sanchez and I went shopping to Bruswick st. It was really fun as we went through lots of really cool vintage shops. I got some beautiful scrapbooking paper and postcards for my Little Book of Happiness. As Sanchez and I were catching the tram I said to Sanchez "I want to go to Petermonte's" and Sanchez said "okay," and so we got off and after ages complaining how hungry we were we brought a chocolate mousse and a vegetable pasties. Both were delicious. It was especially funny we I went into a cafe and asked to use their knife so we could share our mousse together.

How I love being spontaneous.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my parents to buy a saxaphone! I am so excited!!! We're thinking of buying a vintage sax from 1919...

Description of Martin - The Martin [#187575] 1919 The Martin Alto Sax is in good condition, had a repad about 1 year ago, Classic Sax, Original Lacquer, Original Case. This is a great Horn. Call the Melb store for more details 03 9578 3677, Stock No 33

=) =) =) =)