Saturday, June 27, 2009

my loveful hero, lilly blyss

Little Fairy Queen

By S. Leask 2008

Sleep in blissful pain-free peace

Little fairy queen,

Now you’re free from suffering

Free to laugh and dream

You inspired all who heard of you

From countries far and wide

You caught my eye and stole my heart

With just a single smile

You battled oh so bravely

Through laughter, pain and tears

You taught me to live for each moment

To not be held back by fears

I wish I could have met you

But you were taken far too soon

Your life got cut so short

By that nasty ‘black balloon’.

You fought so hard to stay on his earth,

And your death just seemed so mean

But you can sleep in blissful pain-free peace now

Little Fairy queen.

Sleep Well Kahlilla.

I miss you Lilly!