Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poetry in the dead of night

Recently I have really been getting into Norse poetry and Spanish poetry.
An example of this can be seen by this Bolivian poet Ricardo Jaimes Freire.

Peregrina paloma imaginaria
Que enardeces los ultimos amores
Alma de luz, de musica y de flores
Peregrina paloma imaginaria.

Just by themselves these lines speak beauty.
And then they are translated it gets better (or perhaps the other way round?)

Wandering imaginary doves
That inflames that last love
Soul of light, music, and flowers,
Wandering imaginary doves.

Today was okay, one of those nothing special days. School. Recess. School. Lunch. School. Orthodontist. Home. Called Zhi Hui. Helped Gid with his scales. TV. Dinner. Computer.

En una noche oscura
con ansias en amores inflamada
!o dichosa ventura!
sali sin ser notada
estando ya mi casa sosegada.

Upon a darksome night,
Kindling with love in flame of yearning keen
--O moment of delight!--
I went by all unseen,
New-hush'd to rest in the house where I had been.

Hope you have a good day. xoxo
Erimentha ♥