Wednesday, June 10, 2009

very very long blog (sorry!)

Wow guys I have a lot to post about today.

1. My trip to Brisvagas/Gold Coast
2. A photo list of what to do when your sick
3. A list I'd like to share with you guys
Let's start with my holiday!!! We stayed at the Diamond Beach Resort which was just beautiful. It has 2 amazing spas, and 2 pools, a waterfall and lots of little bridges over each pool lit up by fairy pretty!

The night life of the Gold Coast was also great, the city really came alive at night! Once, after eating Indian me and Maddie really needed to go to the toilet so we started running frantically to find one. After 4 shops a man told us the nearest one was in a Casino/Bar. So Maddie and I dashed in there, and almost got kicked out! Except the bouncher was very understanding about bad bladders =P
We also went to three theme parks; Movie World, Wet 'N Wild and Sea World. My favourite was Wet 'N Wild, the Tornado ride.

Anyway, now I am home sickoo. And I thought I'd make a photo list of what to do when you're sick.

1. Eat ice cream

2. Read magazines. My favourites include...



3. Listen to Fink, what are sexy voice! haha

"I don't know if you've noticed anything missing, like the leaves on the trees or the closing of a door, I don't know if you notice at all. And the things us apart, keep me alive. There are things that keep me alive keep me alone" --Fink

4. Snuggle in a delicious Bristol 100% wool jumper. HAH! I own it and it is sooooo nice when you are sick.

5. Find cool pictures and smile

A list mostly for Clarice Bean, but I thought I'd share it with you anyways.
1. I love when little things remind you of people. Like how milkshakes in wine glasses reminds me of Zhi Hui or how thunderstoms or pink grapefruit juice reminds me of Clarice Bean
2. I love long showers and not caring how much water you waste (rare but savoured)
3. I love people who stick their tongue out a lot for expression
4. I love how cities look so different in daytime and in nighttime
5. I love going on highs over nothing.
6. I love icecream late at night
7. I love sexy book characters that you fall in love with
8. I love new deoderant you can't stop spraying!
9. I love brown blankies
10. I love planning sleep overs
11. I loe the thought of seeing someone you haven't seen in a long time
12. I love LBDs
13. I love thinking of the perfect name
14. I love full moons
15. I love cute swimwear
16. I love personalized number plates and thinking about the type of person who'd put that on, and what's the story behind it
17. I love avon garde models like in Russh
18. I love ad breaks that you use wisely
19. I love black models
20. I love Topshop Leggings

Also, here's how to dress like Effy, from Skins.

White Dress/Leather Jacket

And how to dress like Cassie.

New Romantic
I wish I had as much style as Cassie.
Lots of love,
Erimentha xx
p.s. Sorry this blog is so long, I was too filled with ideas!