Thursday, July 16, 2009

bjork haha

I don't play sax for the applause after every song
I don't swim for the medal after the race (if I get one!)
I don't laugh to fill uncomfortable gaps
I don't give fake compliments
I don't make promises without intending to do them
I don't ask people how they are for the sake of it. I actually want to know. Unless I'm on msn, sometimes it's just automatic
I don't like motorbike riding
I don't say long complicated words in fear of saying it wrong...I like those words though!
I don't drink many smooties anymore
I don't find those weird long long jokes that you have to think about funny
I don't think much about South America
I don't drive a car
I don't eat Italian sweets...too sugery!
I don't own a pair of mittens
I don't want to become self-obsessed
I don't like school when I'm too tired...I get grumpy =(
I don't play scrabble
I don't live with regrets
I don't need a eye lash curler
I don't have time to BLOG!



p.s. Bjork is the pic. She is so great.