Sunday, August 23, 2009

i love pink houses

yesterday was a fun day. i had dance class, and then caught up with lilee and zhi hui. hanging out with lilee and zhi hui was tons of fun. we saw the movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ and although it was sad it was also interesting and worthwhile. we also went shopping and lilee got an awesome bag from Sportsgirl. omgosh i almost forgot!…i got the nicest ice-cream (although zhi hui didn't think so =P). flavored; cinnamon, kiss (bacio) and some nut one I’ve forgotten the name of!
afterwards i went to my grandma's 75th birthday. we had malaysian food and i caught up with my cousins which was nice.

Here are some beautiful pictures by Andrew, a highly talented photographer who is only 19 and has already a beautiful portfolio. He took them while visiting Xi'an in China. They make me miss China so much...Xi'an is a beautiful city!
If you ever get a chance to go to Xi'an I highly suggest you...
a) Ride on the Xi'an wall
b) See the warriors
c) Eat the delicious food
e) Climb the Hua Mountain

click on the xi'an photos to see enlargements...all photos in this post are by andrew except the pink house which is from weheartit. hehe!


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