Tuesday, August 25, 2009

miss blyss; you are missed

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today is a sad & special day. today is the anniversary that miss lill blyss died.she was a beautiful girl, brave and compassionate, she truly was an inspiration. she had a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma stage 4 and after battling for over half her life she grew her wings and flew away.

it's not fair that she died, and although today is a very sad day i am trying to be greatful for all the positive things she brought to so many lives and not be angry that she is no longer with us.

here is a poem for lill. i wrote it a couple of months ago.

lill; hope she knows (L)
my hair is getting longer,
the grass is too,
i’m so sad
that life continues without you.

you were a strong fighter,
a heart made of rainbow,
we’ll love you forever,
i hope you know.


please light a candle for lill. or say a little prayer tonight. or even better donate to the Hope Fund set up in her memory, all money will go directly to funding neuroblastoma research, click HERE.

oh lovely yan ran, you are dearly missed!


forever and always our beautiful butterfly princess.

i will always remember that "LATER MEANS NOW"