Monday, August 31, 2009

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At Katie's flickr, and love it instanly. She is one cool cat! Meow!


To Tinpan Orange who just released their third album called 'the bottom of the lake'. They are a great band with vocals, guitar, ukulele, violin and a manolin. Did I mention they are from Melbourne? Seems like I have a Melbourne thing going in this post!

"Take two acoustic guitars, add a violin and a mandolin and the voice of an angel and you have TinPan Orange" - Herald Sun


Ponyo! Legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away) returns with an animated oceanic adventure rich in fantasy. Young Sosuke lives high on a cliff overlooking the Inland Sea. Playing on the rocky beach below his house, Sosuke rescues a golden fish he dubs “Ponyo”. Fascinated by each other, Ponyo and Sosuke become fast friends before embarking on a dazzling underwater adventure for all ages. Review from here where you can also buy tickets if you're in Melbourne, if not check your nearest cimera. I love Studio Ghibli!!

Triple J Unearthed has some awesome grooves and undiscovered bands. Each band has an about me/us section and lets you download 3 free tracks. It's fantastic for unearthing new bands and supporting Australian music! Click

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To the Butterfly Foundation. The Butterfly Foundation works with young adults and other people in the wider community to change the treatment, culture, policy, practise and prevention of eating disorders. It's aim is to promote positive body image globally. After being set up in 2002 it has had many events and fundraisers. The first week of September is National Body Image and Eating Disorders Week. Please support this great cause!