Thursday, September 24, 2009


firstly, i'd like to share with you a beautiful Polaroid of my friends zhi hui and ruby angel. they are both such inspirations and ruby angel is the cutest kid i've seen! :)

secondly, i'd like to share a little bit of happiness (after-all this IS the 'little blog of happiness'

i'm finding it really easy to be happy lately.
maybe it's the sun, or the holidays, or the way i wake up every morning and smile at my dreams or the day ahead
or maybe it's just because i feel like i've finally got the hang of this living lark.
or maybe just maybe it's just because there's no homework and i can play sax all day long.
Whatever reason, I'm not complaining.

What makes YOU happy?

Hope you guys are enjoying your days too.
Erimentha xx
images from here, here and weheartit as always!

p.s. how much do you want to slide down this slide?