Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just for one moments, let's pretend we're alive

hello hello;
sorry i haven't posted much recently. i've been having a hectic week even though my weekend was lovely. it was goose's 40s & 50s party on saturday and that was heaps of fun and on sunday i went to clarice bean's house and that was lovely also.
here is a pic of me @ clarice bean's house. she just loves taking photos! and i just love enjoying the sunshine. . .

friday is the last day of term 3. thank goodness for that! i am so exhausted, very tired and completely in need of gossip girl marathons, recordica babe sleep overs, hanging with zhi hui, playing games with my family, sleeping, seeing '500 days of summer' with clarice bean, but most of all, RESTING! (like the pictures below)

Have a restful holiday, or if you are still hard at work, enjoy it. Please.