Tuesday, September 22, 2009

recordica babes!

hello YOU!
i thought i might bore you with a holidays update, if you can't be bothered reading just enjoy the images : ) hehe
well i had a really good time with my recordica babes on monday and tuesday. zabeeny, pip, jan jan, H.W. and me had a sleep over monday night and it was heaps fun. i feel like i know each one of the girls so much better and i love that : ) we have so many in-jokes from our time together and i feel blessed to know them ♥

On tuesday I had a lovely bonding day with my mummy who isn't feeling very well lately so I tried to cheer her up a little. . . we watched 'a room with a view', i know it might not be everyone's cup of tea but i literally feel like love with the main characters brother and her boyfriend and it is such a classic! it's an old romance and gosh it was funny, heartfelt and cute!
Also yesterday my friend Mags from Swedan rang and we talked for an hour and 20 mins. i miss her so much and i so glad we're still friends even though we feel a world away!!!

today i had work which was pretty good. i made some nice food, and got free chips and chai, and cleaned up quite a bit and got to know chris,
a sweet guy who works there too. he is always humming, singing, calling my hun love and babe and is just a general lovely guy.

looking forward to the rest of my
joyful blyssful holidays!