Friday, October 2, 2009


What's up muffin?
the past couple of days have been lovely.
on sunday i travelled to a beautiful place on the coast of victoria called anglesea with my friends. 7 of us went; zhi hui, hagrid, da wei, tuna, lex lex and goose.
we went to the beach, shops, watched movies and played a really long game of truth and dare which went pretty much all the time we stayed. i'm so proud of my brave brave friends!
it was great to relax from work, which i love so much, but is tiring sometimes. although i also really missed working too! i just love how retro and hippie the cafe is, i love my co-workers and i love the tiny babies that come in, or the cute guys, or the couples... or that one guy who comes in every day without fail and sits by himself for an hour reading the paper and drinking a not-too-strong-latte. it makes me smile. : )
Yesterday I think I mentioned I went shopping with my mum and nanny and I also went to see Mao's Last Dancer with Zhi Hui on Wednesday night. These holidays just keep on being fun FUNFUN!
Hey Zhi Hui, only one more time before we've seen each other double then I predicted. HAHA!
Anyway, I'm still enjoying my holidays and loving every minute.
Cuz we only have 5 minutes, really. If we live to 60 or 6 we only really have 5 minutes.

Much love,
Erimentha xxx
ps. thanks so much to Amanda I entered a competition of hers and I won! I kindly receive this lovely owl necklace!