Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello pretty. Hello pretty.
At the moment, life's a little bit like this picture. . .
And everything seems very pink. I am in a state of strong anticipation for a couple of things. firstly, for my sax exam 3 weeks away. next, for my year 9 city centre experience where we go to the city for a week and conduct research on a topic and do sessions with lots of different organizations. and also for clare bowditch concert next friday. i can't wait for clare bowditch's concert, she is my all time favourite singer i'm going with zhi hui. it's going to be amazing.
I'm sorry i have to go now. me and my mummy are having a bonding session and she is getting inpatient.

eri xxx
ps happy weekend!
pps your boys were so cute! thank you for sharing your dreams with me!