Friday, October 9, 2009

lately i have been living a precarious dance with life. you see, i don't know why, and i also don't want to sound morbid, but lately i have become more conscious that i exist, but also that i will die.
it's an interesting way.
firstly, i find myself being able to do things and say things without regret and without a second thought. i find myself making a collection of days; weeks even where everything is perfect. and it doesn't seem to matter those couple of little days in between when things are shit.
my family friend anne says the problem with teenagers is that we can't fathom our own deaths, and so we go around taking drugs, drinking alcohol and doing generally risky stuff because we think we're immortal.
but my feeling is even better. because i CAN fathom my death it enables me to do anything i want. there is a saying, i don't quite remember where i heard it from that says "we're all going to die anything", so why let that stop us for doing what we love/enjoy/want to do?
an interesting science forum (click here) discussed that topic. here is what they said:
You don't know your dead. No afterlife (for sake of arguement). You don't even know you existed. total cessation of consciousness. Nothingness. The wonderful 80 years - gone! Just like that. So what does it matter whether we live a happy long life, or that life is short-lived, when the end is the same?
I hope you enjoyed your week.
Image credits: and also HERE, here and HeRe!
Erimentha xxx
p.s. happy weekend!