Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look, listen, see, click, donate;;;october

Today I went with my mum and my nanny (grandma) to buy some clothes and have lunch. We got 3 new dresses which I feel really guilty about, but I love them all and mum convinced me to get them while we were out and it was holidays.

The first is a dress that my nanny picked and paid for. It's got lots of different flowers, it feels really silky and it's sooo comfy!
The second looks kind of ugly in the picture. It's an old vintage 80s dress with blue flowers and a cream background. It looks lovely on and it's perfect for the summertime. Mum is convinced it'll be great for work also!
The third is kind of funky retro Australian/Jamaican dress with a stretchy black material around the waist and flowing material that goes out from the hips and bust. It love it's unique and out-there-ness. I paid for this one myself!
I got these delightful dresses from Dear Gladys, a lovely charity shop that supports long term unemployed people returning to work. It's on High Street, Northcote Melbourne. Click HERE for some info!
Which dress is your favourite?

Lisa Mitchell's new(ish) album 'Wonder' is simply amazing. I have listened to it non-stop since getting it. She's Australia too ; ) If you're lucky enough to be over 18 she is also touring! Woot!
Mao's Last Dancer
I was lucky enough to get free tickets yesterday to the premier of Mao's Last Dancer with lovely Zhi Hui and her amazing CanTeen girlies. It is an amazing movie, the best I've seen in ages and I loved the dancing, the chinese language and the story-line (because it's a true story). Click HERE for more information on the movie. Please, please, please support this australian gem and go and see it, it will blow you away.

Boom! This site is dedicated to undiscovered artists, photographers, songwriters, singers, aspiring directors, designers and junk. Click HERE

To CanTeen for National Bandanna Day (last Friday of October). Click HERE for details on how to help young people between 12-24 living for cancer. It's a fantastic organization that does so much amazing work to help teens going through really difficult times. I heart CanTeen!

Lots of love,
Erimentha ♥

p.s. thank you all my followers, I have reached my goal! 50 followers! You guys rock!