Monday, October 5, 2009

My holiday summary


Holiday summary:

Total hours of blyss: Uncountable

Total lessons learned: Innumerable

Total moments of lovefulness: countless

Total times customers told me the coffee/meal ect was amazing: 15

Total amount saved for my vintage 1912 sax: 1/3

Total time chillin' with my little bro: Endless

Total family monopoly games: 3

Total chocolate eaten: 1 and ½ blocks

Total times I saw Zhi Hui: 10

Total sunny afternoons: Forgotten

Total amount of sleepless nights because I was too happy: 14

Total letters wrote to friends: 4

Total hours of work: Over a full day

Total time I talked on the phone: 10 hours, but it was all worth it :)

Total photos taken: About 500, all on other people's cameras

Total times I smiled at someone and they smiled back: No idea, 50?

Total days I liked my hair: 9

Total arguments family members: 5, actually I don't keep track, but 'ya know!

Total times I met someone who inspired me: Every single goddamn day : )