Friday, October 30, 2009

national bandanna day!

Dearest Zhi Hui!
I thought it was probably time for a update on my life, how i'm going, city centre. ect

City Centre has been amazing. Full of highs and lows though. My top favourite 5 moments have been:
1. Going to the Botanic Gardens even though we should have probably done work
2. Surveying people in Federation Square and meeting so many people for so many different cultures. I met people from: Brazil, Ireland, England, Germany, America, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Swedan, India and everywhere!
3. Going to the National Gallery of Victoria and seeing Yan's face light up at the stain glass room (see picture below)
4. Feeling in complete and utter humbleness and joy seeing heaps of other people selling and wearing bandannas, and selling 100 bandannas and 24 pens in the month. National Bandanna Day rocked!!!

5. Having the REACH program, my favourite part was when we got into groups and talking about the most challenging part of our lives. A few people cried (including me) and my partner was really inspiring. Michael is amazing!

Today was an especially sweet day. We had a radio workshop in the morning where we made our own radio station and recorded it with real equipment and everything. and then we had a research session and we completed our target of 100 surveys to members of the public!!!!!!!! i also swapped lots of my bandannas with other bandanna sellers, and sold some bandannas! the bandanna day vibe was so good! then we did all these really sad and good goodbye activities. we were in our groups and on the floor were all these words like "bravery" "compassion" "good sprit" "determined" "caring" and people in the group picked one for someone and spoke about why. My group was lovely, saying I was the "leader" and held the group together, that people instantly liked me when I was surveying them and that I always have a positive attitude. It was so sweet and I just fell in love with Tuna Fish, Da Wei, Yan & Eight even more.
Then Hagrid and I both brought 'Bazaar' featuring Natalia Vodianova who I will DEFINATELY be blogging about soon, and Yan, Tuna Fish, Da Wei and I took photos are those Japanese photo booths.
It was so much fun!
Happy National Bandanna Day! Happy Weekend! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

p.s. a big shout out to Zabeaney, who I will be posting a love letter blog to soon, and to Clarice Bean, who always inspires me and her 16th bday is on Sunday. xxx
p.p.s. images credits: here, here, and here