Monday, October 26, 2009

what to say?

hello sprout!
today i started my 'city centre' program where we go to the city and research a topic, and do workshops to "find ourselves". mostly, it was great, sometimes i got annoying at Eight (guy in my group) or the stupid people running it. but mostly, mostly, it was good.
here are a few little things i'd like to say to my friends. thank-you for faithfully following. (L)

to my recordica babe, jan jan;
to hagrid;
to magdalena, i miss you girl!

to my english teacher, mr. ramsay
to clarice bean;
to yan;
to jackie fairy, my beautiful godmother, and pen pal, who i will NEVER forget;
to my mum;
to a stranger;
for kahlilla blyss;
to my followers;
to tuna-fish;
to michael, my lovely friend in france;

image credits:, teaspoon and visualize. and a lovely blog i WILL locate the link of soon!
Thank you to everyone who commented my last post, she is a truly amazing lady. i'm sorry zhi hui, i couldn't write to you today, or find a picture that sums up just how much i miss you. best friend withdrawal sucks.

xo Eri