Tuesday, October 20, 2009

who am i? from sanchezzy!

Inspired by Sanchez and then Sara.

My name is Erimentha. I'm very short. And I always have dirt under my nails, some say it's genetic.
I'm kind of crazy. I like standing on the top of tables and I worry about the state of my hair too much.
I don't like unappreciative rich people or people who have discoloured teeth.
I just don't.
I can't change who I am... Or at least I thought that was the case.
Recently I've gone through a few changes.
I've grown up a little
I've become less scared of being wrong although;
I'm scared of a couple of things.
mostly my fears go round and round on a carousal.
I can't whistle and I don't like my nose.
I wish I could be god for just one day.
I wish I was kinder to myself, pretty, and had a couple more hours sleep.
But I'm okay with my faults, happiness is my drug, haha.
I want to make everything ok.
I want fall in love...
I want to make someone's day. Every day.
But sometimes I'm sad.
I find it hard to not write lists
And wish I was more patient with chinese
I'm probably not as happy-go-lucky as I seem
But still, I hope that someday, one day,
I'll find true and utter peace.

erimentha xxx
ps. image credits: heart and teaspoon

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