Sunday, October 25, 2009

the women who inspired me

my beautiful friend zhi hui is in malaysia and thailand for 2 weeks. so from now on my blogs will be written to and for her. enjoy ♥
dear zhi hui,
today i met this women at the cafe. she had a beautiful headscarf on and i got talking to her. she has a brain tumor. when i tried to express sorrow she brushed it off. she said she is making the most of everything, and it's okay. she ordered the most elaborate things and her reasons and response when i took her order was "why not?". she said she was recovering from surgery 6 weeks ago. i wished her well on her cancer journey. she was bright and smart and passionate about life. she told me cancer gave her a new look on life, and that she was well enough. when she spoke about her cancer tears filled her eyes (and mine) but i was so glad i got talking to her. she said she was my age when she met her best friend (the man she was having lunch with). she told me to enjoy my life, and good luck to my friends.
thank you to that women.
she made my day.
and i will take a little bit of her
with me from now on