Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 blogger tags for the price of one!

I've been tagged by Janice and Phoebe with blogger tags/awards and I thought I should quickly get onto completing them!
The first is from Janice it's called 'The Lovely Blog Award', you must list 7 things you're loving right now and then tag some other blogs! YAY!

Things I love;
1. Bubbles and glitter
2. Birthdays
3. Black and white photos
4. Ice packs
5. My eye lashes when they go curly
6. Milkshakes and smoothies
7. Whales
And now to the 2nd blogger tag. Made by my friend Zabeaney and tagged to me by the sweetest Phoebe!
Rules: Choose 1 picture that makes you cringe.
Choose 2 pictures that you could stare at for 5 hours.
Chose 1 picture that shows a situation you want to be/ want to be in before you die.
Link 3 bloggers
Link back to Sabine and the person who tagged you :)

My first images is of a little bit teary Gemma Ward. It doesn't make me cringe but it does make me sad.

The second 2 pics are so cool and wonderful and wow.

And this is how I want to feel before I die.

I tag...
to both of those above blogger tags. Have fun girls!