Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello faithful followers!
Sorry I haven't been posting much! My little brother blew all our internet useage until none was left!!! I've also been pretty busy, but I promise to keep you guys all updated. I've got a couple of blogs lined up like my own blogger tag about boys and a blog about one of my favourite models Liu Wen. She is so cool!

How was everyone's weekend?

My weekend was alright. I watched a really interesting movie called 'The Blue Room', a Mexican/Spanish film. I really really enjoyed it, it was really compelling and well acted. Although careful, it's MA15+ ;) I highly recommend it.

Then I had dancing, but I strained something in my back which was a bit of a bummer. In the evening I went out with my Recordica Babes and we had a picnic in the park and ate pizza and agrum and played on the playground and took photos and talked. Afterwards, we started doing crazy dares (which only Zabeaney completed haha) and pranked called people using a pay phone, it was so funny. We also had delicious ice cream and hung out at Zabeaney's house. It was heaps of fun and I just love my Recordica Babes! : )

On Sunday I had work, which was okay. The lady who inspires me was there, but she was quite sick and a bit sad, she kept crying and didn't eat much of her pancakes with strawberry at all. :( I hope she is okay, she still had her lovely smile, but the kind of smile just before you're about to cry and you're trying to hold it in.

I also had a music preformance, and went out to dinner with my family, so over all it was a busy busy weekend!

Write more soon! Lots of love,
Erimentha xxx

p.s. Song on high repeat
♪ Bursting Through, Bic Runga