Monday, November 30, 2009

the people who inspire us {1}

hi munchkin!
i've decided to make a new blogger tag! it's an idea by zhi hui based on some previous posts about the lovely women who is a regular at the cafe where i work. you can read about her firstly here and then here. well i've decided to make this a blogger tag. all you have to do is write about someone who inspires you, and then comment me telling me when you do so i can read it (i love reading your responses!). it has no official tagging system, so if you feel like doing it, just do, and tell all your other readers to do so to!
Today I would like to give you a little insight into a beautiful co-worker of mine called Kioko. Kioko is beautiful, caring, talented and funny. She is Japanese and met her husband while studying at university there. Her husband lectures in the study of society and human behairvour and they have such a cute relationship and are perfect for each other. They have a little son called Itsuki who is 5 and adorable! Kioko is the best mum of Itsuki, she cares for him and looks after him. She moved from Japan as soon as she found out she was pregnant so that Itsuki could have a better life, and she stopped her regular job to look after Itsuki. She used to be a artist making models of sea creatures using recycled materials (cool hey?). She always fixes my mistakes at works, greets me with a smile and she has acheived so much (a beautiful family, a good job, great english) in such a short amount of time. She is amazing.

Tell me about your inspirations please!!!!
I think the people who inspire us are the people who make life worth it. :) Inspire away.