Saturday, November 21, 2009

sexy saxy sax

today i got my very own sax, finally finally finally. after 6 months of saving, begging and convincing and 2 hours in the store of trying and trying, blowing, thinking, playing, scales and worrying. at first mum wanted me to get a professional one, but i didn't like the tone of it or the price and so we tried lots of other ones instead. finally i decided to 'the martin', not the one i originally wanted to buy but one from the 60s from the same company.
then, through a big coincidence they said "oops we mis-labelled that, it's actually 'The Martin 1918'." i almost died. it was like it was meant to be! the saxophone i'd been dreaming about for 6 months i had chosen without even realizing it! HERE is my original post were i explained what 'The Martin' is.
we also got a really awesome mouth piece that makes the sax perfectly in tune and a groovy neck strap.

i love my new sax it looks amazing, smells vintage and yummy, plays beautiful with such a rich and vibrant tone and feels brilliant in my hands.

To me, playing the sax is my therapy. After playing i feel instantly happier, more peaceful and very loveful. Doing exams is just getting recognition for how much i love it, and buying my perfect sax is so i can love playing even more then I already do.
I promise I will stop ranting about my sax soon, and get back to regular postings. But for now, I'll leave you with a funny picture...
images all from zhi hui. you're a star vegemite ;)