Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the women who inspires me [2]

dear zhi hui,
as you requested, here is another beautiful story about the women at the cafe.
if you haven't already met her, please click HERE for a quick introduction.

well, on sunday (2 days ago) my favourite customer came to the cafe. she was with her old friend again and she smiled a big big smile at me before sitting herself down. i smiled instantly back, and asked her how she was. "good!" she replied, singing with a lovely big grin. i took their orders, a coffee for her and some chai tea for the friend and left them talking. while i was washing the dishes she took off her pretty headscarf and showed a big bald head, and a long scar cut around her left ear. when i took her food orders she told me to speak into her right ear because she was now deaf in her left. she ordered a completely different meal from that on the menu making her own special breakfast (just like last time) with the same message: 'why not?'

when i returned with her drinks i smiled and placed her food next to her. her friend turned to me and asked if i was in yr 12 and doing exams, i replied 'no i'm in yr 9'. she smiled, 'wow you look so much older, in fact, you look just like this girl i used to work with in the 80s. she was very pretty just like you.' 'thank you' i said, blushing.
then she asked me, straight out, no bullshit, just got right down to it, 'so what is your passion in life?' i was taken aback. i think in society now days we forget to just to ask the simple and real questions. so i replied, "i love people. i want to help people. i also love dance and music, and english and i'm interested in people's lives and the interesting and amazing things people do." she asked me about work experience and i told her i wanted to get work experience at the austen hospital for dance therapy with zhi hui, and she smiled and i said 'great! great!'. she told me not to worry too much about what i wanted to be, she had started out in her life wanting to be a paleontologist but, quote "life is not a straight line, it twists and turns, you can't make a map of life, you never know where it'll take you. so there isn't much point planning, just let life flow." after trying acting, nursing and teaching she fell into politics, speech writing and analyzing and a few years ago started her own business. she said it was ironic because now her tumor is in the part of the brain used for writing and so she can't write a single more speech, thank god. i talked to her for literally 20 minutes about all this, her friend adding funny comments here and there.
when i said goodbye to her she looked me straight in the eyes and said thank you. i knew she meant it with all her heart, and i felt her gratefulness expressed in her eyes. 'bye' she said, 'have a nice day!' i said.

thank you to this lady, my inspiration.
she made my week, with her loud and vivacious laugh
and pure and beautiful spirit.
i will always carry a bit of her:
and {pure, pure love}