Monday, December 14, 2009


So holidays have officially started! What a whirlwind!
On the weekend I had my dance performance! It was really good and I had so much fun! My parents, brother, bosses and friends came and they enjoyed it. My favourite part was doing everyone's make-up on the second night and using different shades and brushes and complementing people. It's really amazing how different eyes and face structure can be! Don't get my started on bone structure! I'm in love with cheekbones, collarbones and how they frame the face and make every single person different.
The actual dance was really good too. We danced to a Jimi Hendrix song which was cool and I did some pretty cool leaps which were fun. I also did a balance on two of my friends shoulders and it was scary but luckily everything went to plan and I didn't fall off!
The holidays are going to be so exciting!!!! I have a lot of work shifts, but also a great family christmas, going to the coast, and seeing friends and stuff. I haven't really gotten into the christmas spirit this year. I feel bad. I've brought presents but we haven't got a tree or a advent calender or anything. It's okay though because all I care about is holidays and long hot summer days!