Thursday, December 3, 2009

hey hey it's thursday!

How is life treating 'ya?
I am going well. School is offically completely non-stressful and very nearly over. Despite that, I have a busy week ahead with dance concerts, music concerts, orientations for various things, birthdays and celebrations. But also saying goodbye to different groups and hello to summer! So right now I feel like there is....
and about 10 things to be stressed about. Which balanced out okay. And they can easily be blown away by a passing wind. . .
A list of things they could mark instead of making us do exams:
*ability to lie under pressure
*general respect for one's body
*good at dancing, humming, singing, or appreciate the above
*good life philosophy
*ability to maintain and support friendships
*ability to make others laugh

Ok ok ok, enough rambling!

Erimentha xxx

ps songs on high repeat:
How to Make Gravy, Paul Kelly

Meet You In The Middle Of The Air, Paul Kelly

Better Than, John Butler Trio

Eet, Regina Spektor