Tuesday, January 26, 2010

holidays 09/10

Hello faithful followers!
rested, relaxed and full of blogging ideas! i hope you all had a wonderful holiday too.
Here are my top 10 holiday hightlights:
1. swimming at night with zhi hui, da wai & michael at wilsons prom...& everything else :)
2. milko moments with the gang when we went to visit my grandparents on the coast of new south wales. watching countless friends eps, seeing 'fantastic mr. fox' and eating ice creams :)
3. new years eve, with a beautiful rainbow, full moon, glow sticks, a campfire on the beach & bright, bright stars
4. various d&m's while on holidays
5. seeing 'avatar' with my little brother and dad & going crazy with anticipation. loving the beautiful pandora world & it's people.
6. having a picnic with sabine
7. 60s work party. retro baby!
8. singing leonard cohen's 'hallelujah' with michael playing guitar & singing
9. bonding with my mum by shopping, bitching, painting our nails, or making dinner together
10. Snorkelling at the coast with all the beautiful fishies!
& just generally...hanging with people, talking on the phone, laughing, board games, swimming, photos, reading, writing letters, & listening to tic toc over & over again///
it's good to be back. . .
ps. image credits are the usual & also lovely lissy's new blog (http://lovely-lissy.blogspot.com/) & clarice bean's own. xie xie.
pps. sorry the font is so massive for my list, i wanted it small! blogger is stuffing me up =P