Tuesday, February 2, 2010

look, listen, see, click, donate;;;;;;feb 2010

What's happening in February you may ask? Well this is The Little Blog of Happiness's original idea for summing up the month ahead!

Look; I'm not normally a shoes fan, but I can't get enough of these lovely domino shoes!

Listen; Zhi Hui has been telling me about M.I.A. for ages, it just proves I should listen to her more! Well, on the weekend I fell in love with her funky sound! Sanchez tells me that she has been all around indigenous communities in the world and recording their traditional songs and then re-mixed them. How cool! M.I.A. seems like a pretty cool chick to me! ;) Key track: Paper Plane.

See; 'Fantastic Mr Fox' is such a charming movie! I saw it on the holidays and adored it! I never wanted it to end and loved listening to my friends laughing the entire movie! The cinema was full of little kids, but really this movie is for adults with plenty of jokes directed at a more mature audience. The animation was great, songs catchy and was just so much fun! 5/5!

Click; Please visit my friend's tumblr. You won't be dissapointed, he just started and has already got a great collection of imags ♥. http://ghostsofmongolia.tumblr.com/

Donate; Recently I have been reading a book about a girl whose brother died of AIDS. Not only is AIDS a crippling disease but it can be treated and prevented. AIDS occurs mostly in Africa, where medicine is not affordable and education is not in place to teach young kids about AIDS. I looked at lots of different charities and picked me 2 favourite. 'SOS Children in Africa' provides support, food, medicine, counseling and many others services for those affected by AIDS, especially child orphaned as a result of AIDS. Visit here: http://www.aids-children.org/
The second organization provides 2 pills twice a day for AIDS patients. This pill is called the 'Lazarus Effect' and it helps to keep people with AIDS healthy as possible. It stops the virus from becoming full blown AIDS and allows people to continue with their lives. Each pill only costs 40c! Support here: http://www.joinred.com/Home.aspx#2