Friday, February 5, 2010

school has begun

So! School is back, and year 10 is all new and generally exciting. I have heaps of different classes with a whole bunch of new people, although this can be annoying because it's hard to talk to my friends as much now. This semester I'm doing: Literature, English, Advanced Maths, Advanced Algebra, Science, Psychology (which I love!), Fashion and Chinese. It's starting to get serious...

Apart from school this year I'm working on the weekends, dancing on a Saturday, saxaphoing and being in various different bands and musical ensembles. My plan and goals for 2010 is to 'be brave' and try lots of different new things. I want to do well in school and my exams and I want to make more and closer friendships.

That's all for now I think. Do you guys have any goals for 2010?

I WANT A SADNESS SHIELD. That would be da-bomb.
xxx Much love,
p.s. I think you should really watch this video HERE, it's totally inspirational :)